April 8, 2018

She - AndYouThot Poetry

Sometimes acid-attacked,
sometimes killed for honor.
She does no harm, she intends no pain,
still evil eyes always haunt her.

She is ill-treated.
She is discriminated.
Tortured for dowry,
and many other crimes she hasn’t ever committed.

Her ideas are questioned,
her dreams are considered nothing.
For she lives in a country,
where being born as a girl is sin.

She is ready to take responsibility,
but is subdued by her own people.
She is ready to share others’ pain,
but is seen no more than a cripple.

Amidst all the inequalities,
still she grows.
Perfectly meets every challenge,
beats all the odds.

She’s the ocean of patience.
She defines the entire natural creation.
She is responsible for your tomorrow.
Do not just consider her a woman.

And all she asks for in return,
is the rightful share of life that she deserves.
Or you won’t survive the wrath she can cause,
if you ever test her nerves.

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suraj Jaiswal

Suraj is a passionate blogger who writes for a global audience. His interests range from a myriad of topics to anything distinguishable that keeps a reader hooked. Interested in blogging, he has written for many websites and has also been showcased as a guest author. He lives in India, pursuing many interests of his, such as reading, painting, cheffing, and writing for his blog.

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