March 8, 2018

vote - AndYouThot Poetry

For its time you step up,
and fight for your country.
Try bring a stable government,
that correctly spells democracy

To end that political tyranny,
that has plagued the entire country’s growth.
Has turned it barren and vulnerable,
consumed the freshness and left it to rot.

Not because you have to,
or you were paid or forced to.
Because it is your right,
and you really want to.

Your one vote can let the good win,
by making a majority.
Your one vote can let the bad lose,
by creating a minority.

To end that political system,
that is ruthless and corruptible.
And bring in a system,
that’s sound and capable.

To bring back hope to those eyes,
who have many mouths to feed.
Who’s depending on the government,
to meet their every daily need.

Because its the least,
you could do for your nation.
For its people, its resources,
as a worthy and rightful citizen.

And do not regret,
if the result doesn’t comes as expected.
For its not a miracle, but a change,
the course of which has already been initiated.

You can help change the country,
without doing a lot.
You can help build the country,
All you need to do is V O T E !!!

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suraj Jaiswal

Suraj is a passionate blogger who writes for a global audience. His interests range from a myriad of topics to anything distinguishable that keeps a reader hooked. Interested in blogging, he has written for many websites and has also been showcased as a guest author. He lives in India, pursuing many interests of his, such as reading, painting, cheffing, and writing for his blog.

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