Without a friend…

May 8, 2018

without a friend - AndYouThot Poetry

A trust that can survive any trial,
A love that has no end.
Life would be a total junk,
If you live it, without a friend.

That party would be lifeless,
That occasion will have nothing to attend.
Birthdays will be meaningless,
If you celebrate them, without a friend.

It’s a relationship so strong,
That once broken, becomes too difficult to amend.
Therefore, own it like you owe it,
If you don’t want to see yourself, without a friend.

You might have a great family,
And support of relatives on whom you can depend.
But, that circle will never be complete,
If it is, without a friend.

So preserve it, cherish it,
Care for it and never try to pretend.
They’ll be there for you,
Even at times when you would think you are, without a friend.

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suraj Jaiswal

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