The child in me asked!

November 14, 2017

The child in me asked! - Poetry- And You Thot

You earned more than they desired,
Friends and relatives, easily surpassed.
But, how much happiness did you buy with the money?
The child in me asked!

You have tasted success everywhere,
Even the costliest wine ever glassed.
But, has anything ever quenched your thirst like water?
The child in me asked!

You live in a big house, probably a mansion,
With servants, pets, and people of different caste.
But, when was the last time you had a quality time with your family?
The child in me asked!

There are many who you call relatives,
And, a friend circle that is enormous and vast.
But, how many of them stood with you during hardships
The child in me asked!

You are living every moment to its fullest,
And, one day you might breathe your last.
But, could you say, you have fulfilled your life’s purpose?
The child in me asked!

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suraj Jaiswal

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