And you thot Alia Bhatt was stupid

March 15, 2017

And you thot alia bhatt was stupid - blog

A Bollywood actress who saw success in her first movie as lead role, Alia Bhatt is a typical role model for all those who are craving for success at very young age. Coming from the Bhatt clan of Bollywood, she had opportunities at her footsteps, but it was her hard work and dedication that took her up the ladder.

She has been stereotyped as stupid and is butt of many jokes, all thanks to that episode of Koffee with Karan where she named Prithviraj Chauhan when she was asked to name the President of India. Instead of slamming her haters, she went on to prove herself with her actions.

Here are few instances where we were awed by her words and were bound to believe that this girl definitely is a beauty with brains..

Her take on Menstrual Taboos –

On the Nepotism drama going on now –

How she feels about success of other actresses-

Her idea of Feminism-

How sportively she laughs on herself

On advising others –

She waited till she made enough money to buy her first designer item.

Films like Student of the Year, Highway, Dear Zindagi, Udta Punjab, and Two States, showcase her superb her acting skills that mature with every movie and reflects her hard-work.

Also, there are many instances where she has outsmarted her co-actors.

Self confidence is her strength and she flaunts it with an ease and never fears to speak her heart out. From owning her own bachelor pad at the age of 23 and ruling the Bollywood, this chirpy and bubbly girl with her trademark dimpled smile is the hot favourite of movie-makers currently.

So, in case you still consider her dull-witted, it would be your problem, not hers!

Happy Birthday Alia

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