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June 15, 2017

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Enthusiasm – wanna know how it looks in real? Go meet cricket fans!

Fans are unique. Their unshakable trust, faith, and support towards their favorites is something. And, talk about Indian cricket fans, they are an altogether different species. They have their own typical ways of distinguishing themselves from the rest of the crowd.  From patakhe-phodo-be-India-jeet-gayi fans to tv-todo-be-India-haar-gayi fans, there are so many types who exist in the mid and make cricket watching more than just fun.

So, while everyone is consumed by the ongoing Champions Trophy 2017, we tried to observe and identify a few fan-types and how they exhume their fandom. Let’s see if you know someone who belongs to any of the following:

1. Wanna-bet Fans

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Trait – Ever ready to put their stakes on their favorite team or player and make a bet!

Punchline – “lagi 500 ki?”

2. Impatient Fans

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Trait – Gives up hope when favorite player gets out; leaves the room  and stops watching the match.

Punchline – “Gaya match haath se.”

3. Dancing Fans

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Trait – Starts dancing whenever there is a boundary. If wickets of the opponent team falls, they pull and try to include others sitting around.

Punchline – Random words accompanied by lots of howling and claps.

4. Read-but-never-watch Fans

Defining Traits: Actually keeps track of matches, but only through Twitter and Facebook timelines, and in very necessary situations, highlights.Catchphrase: "Did you see Kohli's inning? Insane, right? Yeah, I read about it."

Trait – (Our favorite) Never watches a single match, but keeps a track of scores and crucial highlights through social media or other internet news channels.

Punchline – Many, starting with ‘kya’! For example: “kya khela be Kohli kal “, “kya stump kiya Dhoni”, “Kya catch pakda”, “kya fielding kiya”,….

5. Know-it-all Fans

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Trait – You might be trying to explain something, but he will rub his immense cricket knowledge on your face and prove you dumb. Certainly knows the game and will try to show-off by talking about trivial details.

Punchline – “Kya!!! Tumko D/L method nahi pata? I’ll tell what exactly will happen now.”

6. I-told-you Fans

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Trait – From which-player-will-hit-the-century-today to this-match-was-fixed, he will try predicting significant as well as trivial details. In case one of his 1000 predictions comes true, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Punchline – “Dekha, bole the na”.

7. Test-cricket-is-real-cricket Fans

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Trait – Will indulge in every match with you, but uphold test cricket at the helm; judge you for watching 20-20 or one day matches.

Punchline – “Test mein aise khel ke dikhae to jaane”.

8. Selfie Fans

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Traits – Special mention to the recently added category of fans who, although not very fond of cricket, joins friends or colleagues in watching the game just to get a few selfies for their social media posts. Prefers going to the stadium since those clicks generate more likes and comments.

Punchline – ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’, ‘click’….. (you know what we mean)

9. India-only Fans

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Trait– Watches cricket only when India is playing, rest of the time they don’t give a fluke.

Punchline – “Aaj India ka match hai???”

10. True Fans

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Trait – Avid supporters who share a genuine love for the game; Are not only well-informed of every game, but could correctly guess every next move while watching.

Punchline – “Sorry yaar, nahi aa sakta. Match chal raha hai”.

No matter which fan-type you are, AYT is nothing but honored by your fandom!!!



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