And you thot they are just women

March 8, 2017

And you thot they are just women - women’s day - AYT blog

From the moment we come to this world to the point in time when we breath our last, we need a woman. And, they are there for us regardless of who we are. In the form of a mother who loves unconditionally; a sister who helps abidingly;  a girlfriend who cares unexpectedly; and a wife who manages everything superbly. There is so much they do for us and we owe them in so many different ways.

So, ask yourself the question whether you give them the royal treatment that they rightfully deserve. When was the last time you praised the food cooked by your mother; stood by your sister when she wanted to pursue something that was against (orthodox) familial beliefs; thanked your wife for juggling career and family without missing a beat?

How the world treats women?

We live in a world where a woman faces shocking inequalities in every phase of life. For instance:

  • 62 million girls around the world are denied education
  • Every fifth woman is a victim of violence. In India, world’s second largest nation, 68 percent of women suffer from some sort of domestic violence
  • There is no guaranteed paid maternity leave in most of the developed countries, including the USA
  • Every 90 seconds, a woman is sexually abused

The list could go on….

The world could be a mix of hundreds of different cultures, but all of them share the same perception of seeing women as more of an object; a tool that can be used for varied purposes. However, she has proven that despite all the odds, suffering, pain, discrimination, and what not, she can win.

She’s a warrior

We don’t see wars anymore, but did you know there is one war that has never ended. The fight for equality, where the warriors are all the women of the world. A woman has to strive and struggle for everything, be it education, career, social appreciation, etc.

She’s a balancer

Are you great at multitasking? If yes, consider yourself lucky because in case of women, almost every one of them is pretty good at it. Need evidence? Simply observe the life of any woman for a single day and you would know. Your life could be unbelievable chaotic and messy if she is not there to maintain the balance.

She’s a forgiver

There are many instances where women are treated inhumanely. From wives thrashed by husbands to the elderly who are treated worse than animals, abuse and domestic violence is like a regular part of a woman’s life. Yet, she forgives the perpetrator. She’s always ready to let go if you show her just a tiny amount of love and respect.

She’s many things that we could never be.

She fights for equality even though she is far more superior than men.

Today, she is determined and confident enough to break every barricade and rise to the oblivion of success – without anyone’s help. Least we could do is come in their way.

The world needs to understand one thing and I quote Malala Yousafzai in saying:

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back”.

AYT celebrates womanhood and salutes all women of the world on International Women’s Day.

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