AYT Alok Nath would never give up his sanskaar

June 30, 2015
The not-so-sanskaari-anymore Alok Nath

The not-so-sanskaari-anymore Alok Nath

“Babuji aur babuji nahi rahe!”

The greatest and the most respected ‘Babuji’ of Bollywood recently left his world wide followers in fumes when he posted a ‘hate tweet’ in Twitter. Alok Nath, who fondly goes by the name of ‘Babuji’ among the denizens of Internet, has a knack for portraying characters of typical traditional fathers in Bollywood movies. The consistency of this on-screen avatar which display his highly positive attitude towards culture and traditions eventually made him a favorite for such roles. As a result, he was repeatedly selected by movie directors (mostly Sooraj Barjatya) for playing similar kind of roles. His perfection in the category was appraised so much by the movie buffs that in came the title ‘Sanskaari’

However, the actor did something very un-sanskaari last Sunday.

The story goes like this…. After getting inspired by a unique initiative to save girl child organized by a village sarpanch in Haryana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged on the importance of the local campaign and suggested it to turn it into a national level event via his radio show “Mann ki Baat”. The #SelfieWithDaugther campaign which started as a village phenomenon swiftly took the shape of a nationwide campaign. Fathers across India started sharing pictures with their respective daughters and the hashtag trended on twitter on Sunday.

And, while the fad was moving on with its normal pace, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, Kavita Krishnan, took a jibe on the campaign and posted the following:

Kavita Vs Modi

Kavita Krishnan tweet against Modi

Although her reaction was supported by a few, many were left outraged. As a result, people who did not agree with her sentiments reverted back with hateful remarks.

The criticism took a funny yet surprising twist when Alok Nath posted his reaction.

Alok Nath’s tweet against Kavita Krishnan

A screen shot of Alok Nath’s tweet

The earth would have stood still for many! Keeping aside the humor and pun associated with the online reputation of Nath, we all take him as a Sanskaari little being. So when a derogatory remark came from the someone who is actually an epitome of all the goodness, it shocked the netizens big time. Thus, came a tide of tweets as a response to his highly offensive comment.

Internet responds to Alok Nath's hate speech

Internet responds to Alok Nath’s hate speech

Nath condemned the reaction of Kavita and went on supporting it further with few more tweets that are as follows:

Paresh Rawal tweets in support of Alok Nath

Alok Nath call social activist a bitch


Alok Nath ruined his age-old reputation with a single twitter post. The babuji of many betiyas, the pita of several kanyadaans, Alok Nath destroyed his family-friendly image in no time. Although there were several who supported his side of opinion, the Jagatpita has broken many hearts for sure. Betiyaans will not want a father like him anymore; Bahus will not pray to get a father-in-law like him anymore; and Samdhans will not look for a Samdhi like him anymore. Well, we sympathize with all of you. And, after all, it’s kalyug, what can you expect!

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