AYT Delhi learned its lesson after ‘Nirbhaya’

December 6, 2014
Delhi - the capital of rapes

Delhi – the capital of rapes

What is wrong with this so-called capital of ours? While all the other states and cities fill the newspapers’ headlines with terrorism, scams, political corruption, and all kinds of criminal activities, Delhi on the other hand continues to hold its slot of popular-for-rapes-and-sexual-assault category. Since the shocking incident that occurred on one night of December and what led to a nationwide rage and uproar, it was believed that the city has learned its lesson. Guess we were wrong!

The Uber taxi driver who was acquitted in another rape case reflect the poor management of security and safety once again. Also, it is the 16th gang rape after that brutal incident that took place two years before on the same fateful December.

The rapes never discontinued since. Every now and then, a case of sexual assault comes up followed by the pursue of the offenders, their capturing, and an unsolved case.

The Uber taxi driver, identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav, has turned out to be a history-sheeter. In fact, such is his reputation that people dread him and ask the females of the house to stay indoors when he’s in his village. Quite similar was the character certificate of the culprits involved in the brutal gang rape of Nirbhaya.

Uber taxi driver taken into judicial custody by Delhi Police

Uber taxi driver taken into judicial custody by Delhi Police

And, forget averting rapes, even their reduction remains a big unanswered question. Although a fast-track court is said to be handling the cases in person, thousands of similar cases remains pending still the victims of whom are still eying for a favorable judgment.

I recently came across the news of a sexual assault in one of the states of UAE. It took not more than 24 hours to capture the culprit after the victim registered the case. In this punishment, he received a 40 year jail term with, the removal of his primary male genitals. There are also countries that don’t even have a trial for such cases. Once the medical reports suggests the occurrence, the culprits are awarded a death sentence.

I am no trying to defame the Indian judicial system or its way of handling the cases. Surely, the law gives an equal opportunity to both the parties to prove their point and the decision is thereafter taken. However, this is often misutilized and the party with strong financial conditions generally takes an upperhand. What makes these even worse is corruption.

As a result, the heinous acts keep on occuring. well, its the dog’s tail story repeating once again.

Is this ever going to stop? It can be in an instant an we all know that. Whatever it is, Delhi needs a much stronger treatment and whether it is learning a lesson out of these experience is still a mystery.
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