AYT India was Intolerant – A Poetry

December 9, 2015
Intolerance in India

Intolerance in India

A man was lynched
And, writers went for an outcry.
Awards and trophies started getting returned
But, Giving back prize money was never given a try.


A wife expressed alarm
And the husband went on a stupidity spree.
Although fame and money was limitless
Safety seemed a huge concern to them in the country.


Salaries got incremented 400 times
Saying, it would bring an end to corruption.
And a debt of few thousand rupees
Makes farmers think suicide is the best solution.


A congress minister roams the entire nation
Thinking, only his baseless ideologies makes sense.
Amma wants to showcase her photos on relief packages
Did you just say there is intolerance.


Harmony between different religions
Gender equality and cultural diversity.
This is the only country in the world
Where many live in unity.


The right to Free speech turned to hate speech
Still the debate gets played out in a matured democracy
However, the irony is not lost to anyone
But, letting it go represents more efficacy


So, if you are a criticizer
And think tolerance is where we lack.
You are most welcome to live in this country
Until you know the place where you could go back.


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