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November 11, 2014
Man Publicly Rejected After Proposing With $82k Worth Of iPhones

Man Publicly Rejected After Proposing With $82k Worth Of iPhones

Considering the impact of the iPhone 6, one hopeful man thought that he could win her girlfriend’s heart and convince her to tie the knot by gifting her not just one, or two, but 99 iPhones. Gimme a break!

The fateful day chosen by our guy was ‘Singles Day’, i.e., Nov 11. Although many of you (including me) would think it to be a highly outrageous and insane act, love was all this young programmer could think of. And after spending his 2years salary on the epic presentation, the answer that came was – wait for it – ‘No’.

Sad, but true!

iphone 6

Aren’t you girls out there thinking now how hard-hearted that girl was? “Hardcore Bitch”, if you ask me.
For those of you who are wondering what happened after this unprecedented incident – the girl chose to keep the relationship intact and leave the tying-the-knot thing for later. Well, who could lose a lover that doesn’t thinks before shopping for her.

Bygones are bygones. However, i am still wondering how she managed to deny such a level of proposal. Don’t you think so? Clearly it is impossible to understand the feminine category. Don’t forget to enlighten us with your reaction btw.

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