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November 9, 2014
varanasi modi adressing the media

varanasi modi adressing the media

Our hon’bl prime minister, Sri Naredra Modi recently adopted the Jayapur village of Varanasi. Situated around 24 kms from the center of the Varanasi city, the village is on the verge of poverty. Scarcity of water, absence of electricity, female foeticide, improper roads – the village relates to the common condition of the many villages located in different pockets of India.

Life in these villages is very harsh. In fact, such was the dire situation of cleanliness in India that the prime minister himself has to pick the broom and start cleaning the streets.

Villages in India are betrothed to all kinds of criminal acts that are leading to a downturn in the quality of life. Absence of proper facilities and lack of employment force people to go beyond law and conduct crimes in order to earn a square meal for their family. And, what starts as a family-supporting thing takes the shape of a heinous acts whose intentions become incomparably sinuous.

narendra-modi at an election rally

Returning to the adoption, the PM said and I quote,“you may think what kind of a PM talks of public participation in solving local issues, to take our children to polio booths, ensure cleanliness and the need to honor our elders or to celebrate the birthdays of our villages. Well, that’s the problem. So far tall talks have led to nothing. I want to do big things by getting things done the right way,”

The PM also mentioned that it is not that he has chosen Jayapur, but Jayapur has chosen him.

The village was adopted under the “Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana”, on Nov 09, 2014. Mark the date. We will bring you the developments to this promise after 6 months. Let’s see if our PM adheres to his declaration. Till then, cling to AYT.

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