AYT life will be all easy-peasy-jappaneasy for Jashodaben, aka N.Modi’s Wife

November 25, 2014
Jashodaben files appeal after police deny info under RTI

Jashodaben files appeal after police deny info under RTI

And we are talking here about India’s (not acting) first lady, Jashodaben Modi, the rightful wife of our beloved PM Narendra Modi. Ever since he has hold the highest position of authority in the country, his entire life has become the nation’s interest. A Special Protection Group that safeguards the PM 24×7 is also responsible for the security of the other family members of the PM. This is where the problems checks-in.

As per the law, a SPG team also stays with the PM’s wife round the clock and follows her wherever she goes. They are alloted for her security and this is what has been disturbing Jashodaben Modi.

The 62 year old who lives with her brother, complains about the interference the gun-toting bodyguards have been causing in her personal life since Modi was elected in May. They follow her everywhere. While she takes the public transport to travel, the team follows her in their own air-conditioned SUVs. The time it gets worse is when she has to arrange for their food and accommodation at the cost of her family’s expense.

Whether or not it is of the PM’s concern is a question indifferent to Jashodaben as well, which is why she chose to file the RTI regarding the security. She is seeking a way to get off this forced burden from her chest as well as her brothers’, Ashok modi.

Living off a mere pension and at the expense of her brother, wasn’t the plight already too much that an extra effort to serve the commandos has come. Shouldn’t it be the other way round. And, even if Modi has severed her relationship years ago, isn’t her financial wellbeing a responsibility of the PM. These are some of the questions whose answers is expected by every other person in the country. Surely we will see a solution, but there was never meant to be an issue out of this at all. Don’t you agree.

Their fates were sealed when they were teenagers.

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