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December 20, 2014
Farrah Abraham -- lip implantaion gone wrong

Farrah Abraham — lip implantaion gone wrong

You might be aware of how some of the implants and cosemetic surgeries goes wrong thereby giving the person a look far from what she had in mind initially. Well, this is one of them, and in fact the king of all the disasters happened to people that tried to mess with the course of the nature.

Farrah Abraham, the reality show Teen Mom star recently went for a lip implantation that left here with the following look:

Farrah Abraham - Before and After

Farrah Abraham – After and BeforeFara

To me, she looks like Homer’s wife Marge from The Simpsons, minus the hairstyle!

She shared the photo on her twitter handle from the bed of her emergency room soon after the surgery. May be she wanted to listen it from her fans how ridiculous the implant has resulted to be.

Her tweet goes like this:

“Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit,”

The objective of having lip implantation is for acquiring a plump lip look. Although this is also plausible with fillers, they are temporary whereas implants are a permanent solution.

What her doctor had to say?

Explaining the situation, Dr. Anthony Youn, the Michigan-based plastic surgeon told to media “everything is fine. There are a few possible reasons that explain Farrah’s lips, one of which is allergy. Something involved in the medications used during the procedure might have been the cause. And besdes, lips are highly reactive. They respond very fast.”

If you are fearing whether Farrah will ever get her lips back, don’t worry! She’s not! The teen star has been consistently sharing her post-surgery photos in social media. Clearly she has been under the knife before. “I knew it. The breasts are really big”, isn’t that what you are thinking right now. Still, don’t worry, “the surgery giveth and the surgery taketh away”!

Dr. Youn has said that her simpsons lips will be back to the intended shape within a day or two. Well, good luck with that doc!

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