AYT the Modi Wave will never fade

February 10, 2015

Narendra Modi

The landslide win of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party has clarified one thing for sure – the Modi wave is not what it used to be a few months back. The upstart of this anti-corruption party has been tremendously amazing. It is like history repeating itself — just the other way round and in a much improved fashion. We witnessed a few months back how Narendra Modi led BJP posted a historic win against Congress and brought an end to a decade-long rule of the party. And, now it was AAP that has helped in putting a full stop to a reign of INC that lasted for a neverending 15 years.

But this time, the fight was not against Congress for they got defeated as soon as Narendra Modi came to power. The fight was against BJP, against Modi.

To give away an important position for some petite reason and later claiming as well as winning it back requires a lot more than just a brandname, something that worked for Modi. In one of the most stunning comebacks ever in the Indian political history, AAP has shown that democracy still works in the country. They worked wholeheartedly for the people of Delhi, and boy it worked!

Delhi reaction post 2015 election results

Indian supporters of the AAP

Now questioning whether the boisterous Modi Wave is still in the air or has it settled? Well, it has certainly found a big mufflered wall that has the capacity to block it out.

Clearly BJP did a lot of mistakes in the Delhi elections, which started with choosing Kiran Bedi as their party face. BJP wanted to prove Kejriwal wrong and the best way was (according to them or as what they thought) to do it with a candidate who was once one of their own. Had BJP won the election, it would have made the survival of AAP difficult to almost non-existent.

But, that was far-fetched!

The strong impression that the Iron Lady had in the eyes of ‘aam aadmi’ slowly started falling apart. She, as well as the rest of the party, including Modi took the capital for granted. Instead of giving hopes to people with free water or electricity, they played the blame game. The barrel of the gun was always pointed at Kejriwal, about how he was an anarchist, how his ideologies resembled a Maoist.

Kejriwal at a polic clash in 2012

Kejriwal at a police clash in 2012

Finally, the election day came, People arrived, voted. And, as we all know, “rest is history!”

Started with an anti-corruption campaign in 2011 that shook India in 2011; joined politics to take the movement further; campaigned for the CM’s post; won; ruled a 49 tumultuous days and then resigned; realized the mistake, fights for the seat and wins again – that was Arvind Kejriwal.

Became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 and ruled it for three consecutive terms, brought Gujarat into the world map with innumerable developments in every field, fought for the PM’s post in the 2014 elections; won; backed the party in Delhi; failed – that was Narendra Modi.

Some mistakes were committed at some moment by both the parties. We wanted a PM and a political party that wasn’t corrupt, we have Modi. We wanted a better opposition to make sure the ruling party doesn’t get diverted from its initial path, we have Kejriwal. Doesn’t that sounds like a perfect governance? Does to me!

About the wave of Modi, lets just say, the crest has met the trough!

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