AYT running the country is the only thing Putin is good at

December 20, 2014
Vladmir Putin - on many shoes!

Vladmir Putin – on many shoes!

Impulsive, not-easily-convincing, generous – (if you know what i mean – The Jacket thing – China’s President’s wife – Ring a bell?) – ultimate man of action, and everything that the Russia’s President is known for, Vladmir Putin now has one more skill added to his resume; blackbelt in karate.

The 62 year old has been leading Russia since 2000, not continuously though. The president was always famous for his tough-guy image and has taken part in similar kinds of activities in the past. Some notable examples include flying a military jet, driving a race car, swimming bare-chested in the cold Siberian river, co-piloting a fire-fighting plane to kill a raging fire by dumping water cannons, etc.

putin driving an F1 car

Putin driving an F1 car

As daring as all of these sounds, there is a soft spot side of his as well. Once when he was a part of Children’s charity function in Saint Petersburg, Putin sang the Blueberry Hill to the crowd.

Coming back to the latest news, Putin earned an 8th dan black belt in Kyokushin kaikan karate, a form of karate. This is a form of karate in which fighters do not fight with any kind of gear on. Head strikes are banned as well.

Putin teaching one of his moves to a fan

Putin teaching one of his moves to a fan

If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind that his leadership tag has been winning him the matches, read this: The love for martial arts is not at a rudimentary stage for Putin. It has always been his favorite since he was 12. He began preparing for Sambo, another form of martial arts at the age of 14. He used to partake in his hometown competitions in both, Sambo and Judo, where he won many senior championships.

With the recent accomplishment, it is quite vivid the president’s link to the sport is quite deeper.

Country at one hand, personal life on the other – and both in a perfect manner. Clearly Putin is one great leader Russia has ever seen and the rest of the leaders should learn from.

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