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January 1, 2015


Want to take the selfie right? Take a course on a college of UK that is offering exactly that – Selfie Course. This won’t come as a shock to you unless you are a photographer (since they have to learn its every bric-a-brac). But, seriously! A course for taking a snap? Isn’t that too much? Well, nobody came up with that when there was no name for it.

Taking selfies is clearly something that started as soon as we got hold of cameras in our mobile phones. Except its nomenclature that happened quite recently, selfie wasn’t anything new or unknown. So why a course now? Well, someone somewhere wanted to give something new in the name of course and succeeded (is the only rational reason i can think of).

What the course will include?

Apart from teaching how to angle the camera right, the course will include lectures and seminars that will teach you how to master the art of self-portraiture. This month-long course will also teach some other basics such as choosing the equipment, backdrop selection, light, the composition, post-processing decisions, and other significant details.

Some other parts of the course might be, studying selfies that were shared most number of times – one biggest example of which is the 2015 Oscar selfie by Ellen Degeneres.

What you will learn according to the UK college, and i quote, “Students can look forward to explore notions of identity, selfhood, and memory”. Only Sweet Mother of Nature knows what the university meant by this line.

So, anyone among you who want to call yourself a qualified selfie-taker and have a certificate to back that at the same time, the gates of this UK university is wide open. The course might cost somewhere around $150 if reports are to be believed. For the rest of us, we will wait and watch what changes you are able to bring to the selfie-obsessed world of ours.

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