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June 19, 2015

Yoga for inner peace


All set for the Yoga Day? Ever since June 21st was marked as “yoga day” after the idea was convincingly proposed to the United Nations by Narendra Modi, everyone is bracing themselves to participate in the big day. The practice that is spearheaded by Modi’s ambitions is about to be a record-of-its-own-kind since more than 40k people are about to gather in New Delhi alone and engage in a 35 minute of yoga session. And, that’s not just it. More than 1000 camps will be set all across the country that will see participants of over 100 million. And, that’s still not it. India is going to lead the campaign overseas, in the other 192 countries that are a member of the UN. Phew!

Modi, the Yoda!

Being a profound yoga enthusiast himself, Modi has stressed on the huge advantages of this ancient practice. Referring yoga as “India’s gift”, he insists on the idea of how sparing a few minutes of your everyday life to this unique method of exercising can benefit in a myriad of ways.

The decision has, however, created a strife within the community of babus who will be joining the Yoga mass this Sunday. For a group of potbellied people who have not worked out since time immemorial, the yoga action seems a bit inundated. However, it is like a protocol to which they can’t show their backs.

‘Surya Namaskar’ and ‘Om’ Chanting NOT INCLUDED

Preparation of the event has not left criticism out of the doors. Few groups (like always) have come up with complaints about a few prominent sections of yoga. For many, yoga starts with an aasan called “Surya Namaskar’, which is a salutation to the Sun. However, the Muslim community takes it as a disagreement with their cultural ethics. Since the Sun, which is considered a God in Hinduism, will be prayed here, it violates their monotheistic nature of Islam.

Similarly, chanting ‘OM’ during any of asanas was also considered against their religion.

According to the words of a friend of mine, “some people have the tendency to find religion in everything”.

To make sure these controversies do not become a nationwide issue, the government has decided to drop these elements from the brief yoga session, which it is going to observed on June 21. “We will convince them later. We have got this opportunity and our Prime Minister has done a good job. This International Yoga Day we have to celebrate without any disturbance. The program will be nicely held on (June) 21. There is no problem at all,” said the Union Minister of State, Ayush Shripad Naik.

Narendra Modi doing yoga

Narendra Modi doing yoga

Some Bizarre Yoga Comments….

And how could the event instigate without some of our great personalities blurting out offensive remarks – a habit that they are typically known for.

“Only lazy people practice yoga” – Karnataka Minister

“Compulsory Yoga on a Sunday? How stressful for students and teachers! The purpose of yoga is to relax mind and body. Not generate tension!” – Shobhaa De

“If you don’t like ‘Om,’ chant, ‘Allah,’ ” – Novelist and filmmaker Sohail Hashmi

Those opposing ‘Yoga’ and ‘Surya Namaskar’ should either leave India or drown in the sea”, – BJP MP Yogi Adityanath

A Nationwide Awakening

There has been a surge in the interest for yoga across the country. Families have turned up to perform exercise at yoga camps; parks are filled every morning with people trying out the bewildering movements. Students around India are expected to attend their respective schools and colleges on June 21st to observe the first international yoga day.

The government’s decision to make Yoga Day a special occasion has influenced all kinds of media channels to do their bit in popularizing the event. The day is seeing a huge promotion via television ads, newspapers, online media networks, and every other means of social engagement. In fact, you might have also received a text message on your mobile asking to do your part in the big day.

Yes, the government has tried to overdo this time in trying out something, but is it going to cause any harm? Some people are saying their Sunday is getting ruined, some find it anti-Muslim, some just think that their body is not apt for such kinds of exercise. Oh C’mon people, it’s our legacy! Look what happened to Martial arts that although was given by an Indian prince, is now owned by the Chinese. Do you want ‘yoga’ to have that same fateful end? If not, do turn up to your nearest camp this Sunday and introduce yoga in your life.


At the event, Modi is going to share the dais with Baba Ramdev.


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