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February 8, 2018

Breaking new - AndYouThot Poetry

Breaking news of my life,
I got to hear yesterday.
She has already chosen someone,
I got to hear yesterday.

Well it was okay,
when she didn’t wanted me within her sight.
But it was hurtful to learn,
that someone else would be sitting to her right.

At first I was taken aback,
my world has turned upside down.
One fall after another,
unable to understand whats going around.

Never have I felt so numb,
never so lone.
What if I was single.
at least I was happy that she was also alone.

But deep inside I knew,
that it had to happen someday.
Its her choice, its her life
where I don’t have the power to say.

Still it hurts,
whenever I remember yesterday,
which I counted as my worst day.
But then I realize,
that my worst day,
is now my everyday.

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suraj Jaiswal

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