June 14, 2017

Don't - AYT Poetry

Don’t judge what you don’t know.
Don’t hold what you can’t let go.


Don’t lie what you can’t hide.
Don’t fight what is not right.


Don’t try what is not worth.
Don’t cry what is already dirt.


Don’t wait what is long over.
Don’t expect what existed never.


Don’t love what you can’t trust.
Don’t hate what you can’t have.


Don’t run, what you can’t escape.
Don’t give what you can’t take.


Don’t show what you can’t see,
Don’t talk what you can’t listen.
Don’t sell what you won’t buy,
Or deny what is already spoken.


You know what’s just; you know what’s right.
Don’t switch places when situations go out of your might.


Because nothing disturbs life’s vast profound.
And, what goes around comes back around.



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suraj Jaiswal

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