And you thot dying would mean something to someone

August 12, 2017

And you thot dying would mean something to someone - Gorakhpur Tragedy AYT Blog

Clogged sewers and open drains, insufficient medical supplies, urge of taking selfie in high-risk spots – reasons like these are claiming lives faster in the country these days. Like, wasn’t things like car accidents, floods, terrorists, and most importantly, organized crime wasn’t enough?

Death – the most painful part about is that it affects no one. You might judge me at this point and throw the ‘family’ thing at me. Well, guess what, they don’t care enough either!

Let’s just take the case of the most recent Gorakhpur children tragedy. A state-run hospital Baba Raghav Das Medical College is currently the center of attention of the world. Not because of making some breakthrough in medicine, but because of substandard healthcare facilities that killed innocent lives. According to the reports, the hospital denied oxygen supply to children who were in critical conditions. This resulted in a spread of infection that claimed the lives of 60 children, more on the verge of dying as we speak.

Now, coming back to the agenda – death. So many innocent children died and who is responsible for their death?

The hospital?

Well, they are the first one to get blamed! The easiest target! Media gets breaking news that people can get hooked to, opposition politicians get a reason to challenge the incompetence of the current dispensation, people of the rest of the nation get to tweet on a trending hashtag! Everyone gets what they want! Win win, wine glasses clink!

But, I don’t think it is right to blame a hospital. I mean what was it supposed to do? Give away all that oxygen for free? I mean, let’s get real people! That is ‘oxygen’ we are talking about. It comes in cylinders that is made in factories where people work and get paid, unlike the ones you are getting now which comes completely free, at zero cost. But, the this one, it comes at a real cost. A cost that maybe no one was ready to bear anymore.

“But, don’t they have a heart”, you might ask? Well, why would they? They have been doing that all this while, supplying oxygen and saving lives, but you never cared to praise that effort? “But, that’s what they are supposed to do”, isn’t it?

The real question is not whether they are responsible, but whether they feel responsible or not? Do they mourn for the deaths of all those children who lie dead in their mother’s arms while she cries incessantly, her world getting shattered.

The only way this kind of tragedies won’t repeat in future is when the hospital authorities feels the pain that they just passed on to the family and relatives of the deceased.

The ruling government?

“What is the government doing?” Some of you might be asking that question even while asleep! Its like they are the rightful heirs of every bad thing that happens to the country. I don’t deny it, but why is it always the ruling party? Why do they get to take the blame like they are the source of all the tragedies, when the truth is they are barely into the scene.

Why the people won’t blame or even question the leader of the opposition parties as to why they are not coming to the forefront to even help? We have created a notion for such people. They must be sitting in front of the couch and making plans to overthrow the current government and we will be okay with that. Why? Simply because they are the leaders we chose not to vote, only this time!

Do those deaths mean anything to the opposition party, and most importantly, the ruling party?

The family?

The family of the victims are the real culprits! “Why”, you ask me? “Because, they are not rich!” Because they cannot afford to treat their kids in those starry hospitals where you are charged thousands of rupees for simply catching a cold!

They are poor, needy people, who live on daily wages, and expect the government to provide monthly rations for a rupee or completely free. They are so poor that either they choose to stay diseased  or wait for death to come in their government hospital beds.

So it doesn’t matters. Sooner or later, they are going to die out of hunger, debts, or from diseases that are too expensive to get treated.

Now, they are the ones I would deem responsible. They were not capable enough and it is their fault. Their children are dead and it is all because of them! They didn’t care enough!

Summing up…

The dead do not speak, but it most certainly shows us the face of how evil it really is!

71 years on, and we are still reeling under the tag of so called “Independent India”, while barely doing anything to make it such. We are dying silly deaths, blaming the system, going back to our lives, and this reiterates.

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