Game of Thrones – Why Season 7 will be an all-women’s show?

July 20, 2017

GOT - Why the season 7 will be an all-women's show - AYT Blog

The first episode of the seventh season Game of Thrones is finally out and from what it looks like, it’s going to be an all-women’s show.


First five minutes into the episode of the 7th season and you will get your answer!


GOT - Season 7 episode 1- Game of Thrones Blog - Arya Stark - AYT Blog

A defiant warrior now, Arya Stark kills all the Freys with poisoned wine while disguised as their lord Walder Frey. House Frey conspired with the Lannisters and Boltons to set a wedding trap and murdered Robb and his men. Arya dramatically avenges her brother by killing the men and sparing the Frey womens to bear witness that, “The North Remembers”.

She is destined to kill the queen, a claim she makes openly in front of some friendly Lannister soldiers when she joins their camp. However, her claim is taken as a joke.

With a new face of fearlessness and some extraordinary skills, Arya’s upcoming encounter with the “Queen of the seven kingdoms” will be a some treat for GOT fans.


GOT - Season 7 episode 1- Game of Thrones Blog - Sansa Stark - AYT Blog

The eldest daughter and second child of Ned Stark is now on the council with his half brother John Snow at Winterfell. Although her views are in contrast with John, she seems more poised and resolute now and advises John to not repeat the mistakes of their deceased father and brother.

Sansa asks John to take her counsel in different matters because she understands Cersei and her war methods better than anyone else.

More scenes with Littlefinger further goes on to prove how she can not be ingratiated anymore.


GOT - Season 7 episode 1- Game of Thrones - Cersei - AYT Blog

The queen of the seven kingdoms is preparing for the inevitable battle and is busy forming treats and alliances.

Surrounded by enemies, Cersei is still unmoved by the imminent threat and is seen planning strategies of war .

Even though she doesn’t has a fire-proof body (like Daenerys Targaryen) or 3 fire-breathing dragons, Cersei won’t be easy to defeat.

Dragon Queen

GOT - Season 7 episode 1- Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen - AYT Blog

Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, the last survivor of House Targaryen, and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, arrives with her army at Dragonstone, the ancient seat of her house.

From being betrothed by her brother to a Dothraki Lord to becoming the queen of the Unsullied, she has stood the test of time and stands as the most forceful opponent to Cersei.

With 4 powerful women taking centerstage, the final season of Game of Thrones is clearly a song of ice and fire that will clash with each other.

We are going to make a prediction here.

Even though there are many opponents, Cersei will be killed at the hands of one of the women, but who is it gonna be?

Arya, Sansa, or Daenerys?

Or, if you challenge us and think otherwise, then who among all will decide the fate of Cersei? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. What can Sansa do? Set Littlefinger onto her? Just because there are four prominent women, doesn’t mean all the men are out of the picture.

  2. This is silly. There plenty of strong men as well as strong women; or are Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Euron Greyjoy, Sandor Clegane, Davos, etc. just there stand around wearing leather and gazing admiringly at the ladies? Cersei will probably be killed by Jaime; as per the prophecy. I can’t wait until the supposedly ‘strong woman’ Ellaria and the equally homicidal Sand Snakes get killed, the sooner the better. Strength is useless without intelligence and compassion. (and Sansa Stark has not been consistently written for the last two seasons, so it’s hard to tell whether she is strong or is just feeling more powerful with Jon’s support, Brienne to guard her, and Littlefinger hanging on her every word)

  3. Well don’t know about the rest of the episodes, but this one was all about women power in the game.
    We could see the women rising with
    Arya becoming a deadly weapon for all…
    Dany increasing her victory count and landing to Dragonstone..
    Sansa finally winning Winterfell(well not to forget it was Sansa who invited Littlefinger’s Army to the “Battle of Bastards”)…and
    Cersei, well she was always a strong woman, and after falling to the walk of shame and now in the Iron throne, let’s see if she can fight the “Mad King’s Daughter”!

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