And you thot you could tell the modern names of these archaic words

July 6, 2017

AYT - archaic words


Time and tide waits for no one! Right? But, what would you say when we tell you that they didn’t wait for a lot of English words as well?

Archaic words refers to those many words of the English dictionary that were once in use but not anymore. Reason: they lost their context in modern times due to their primitive resemblance or a meaning which no longer coincided with the current culture. Overtime, those words were replaced by better versions, and the original ones started seeming like a lot out of place.

And, there are not just words, but phrases and pronunciations, where this avatar of language was shown the door.

Nonetheless, they still survive in novels, poems, and other forms of writing that requires to have a humorous effect.

AYT makes an assortment of some of the words whose alternative versions are too simple to comprehend. Try answering them yourself before looking at the answer if you may, because it will be fun. Pukka!

Suggestion: Please scroll slowly while you go through these. We don’t want you to be guilty of knowing the answer before you have guessed them. 😉


AYT - archaic words

Answer: ‘malaria’


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a kiss”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a woman who sells fish”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a giraffe”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a cat”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a car”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a farmer”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a police officer”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: “a beverage”


AYT - archaic words

Answer: ‘tomato’

Do let us know in the comments section the meanings you originally guessed for the archaic words. This is going to be fun!


Hint Sentences source: Oxford

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