There is a Ravan in us all !!!

September 29, 2017

There is a ravan in us all - AndYouThot Poetry

You have many faces,
Some real, some grown.
But, what you choose to reveal,
Is always a decision of your own.

Addicted to pleasures,
Yet you always stick to fixed routines.
Driven to recreation,
Yet you always spend within your means

Taking pleasures in agony,
Often, you act insane.
But deep within lives a person,
Who simply doesn’t want to go in vain.

You might want to participate,
Fight the war, wash-off the sin.
But good and evil are not sides anymore,
Real pilgrimage is the journey within

And so you wear the masks,
To live and die, to rise and fall.
Ram would be surely living in some,
But, there is a Ravan in us all


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suraj Jaiswal

Suraj is a passionate blogger who writes for a global audience. His interests range from a myriad of topics to anything distinguishable that keeps a reader hooked. Interested in blogging, he has written for many websites and has also been showcased as a guest author. He lives in India, pursuing many interests of his, such as reading, painting, cheffing, and writing for his blog.

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