And you thot Lord Krishna is not real

August 14, 2017

And you thot Lord Krishna was not real - AYT blog

Shri Krishna, the most beloved television series based on the Hindu god Krishna, must be still etched in the memories of everyone. More etched will be the memory of the man who played the role of an adult Lord Krishna in the series. The series was a weekly on Doordarshan during the 90s, created by Ramanand Sagar.

A very mature and realistic acting with nothing left to the imagination, the man playing the role of Krishna displayed what you call in cinematic terms, “method acting”.

Sarvadaman D. Banerjee, aka Lord Krishna, was treated no less than a real god. His perfection in portraying the Hindu lord was such that viewers barely bothered to find out who was the real face behind the character. Such was the impact that whenever something was discussed related to Lord Krishna, people would imagine his face and not the idol’s they worshiped in home or temples.

He created a benchmark that no other actor has been able to achieve, let alone cross!

About the actor

Sarvadaman D. Banerjee was born to a Bengali Brahmin family in 14 March 1965, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. He is a graduate of the Pune Film Institute.

Other roles played by him

He never played any other role in TV or Movies after Shri Krishna, although there were a few, but notable movie roles before. In 1983, he played the title role in the film Adi Shankaracharya, the film won National Film Award for Best Feature Film. In 1986, he came in Sirivennela, playing a blind flutist. He played Swami Vivekananda in the movie with similar name. Although the movie came out in 1998, filming and shooting was complete before 1995, the period when he was playing Krishna.

Current life

The humble actor takes his fictional godly portrayal to real life where he is as kind and compassionate. He currently supports ‘Pankh’, an NGO that provides free education to the poor and unprivileged children and women of Uttarakhand. He also teaches meditation in Rishikesh.

It’s Janmashtami and India celebrates the birth of lord Krishna today. So, what better day than this to reminisce the man who personified the eighth avatar of Vishnu so impeccably!

AYT thanks Sarvadaman D. Banerjee for his contributions to television and for giving us, the people of India, a real face to a major deity.

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  1. Sourabh Raj Jain is the best krishKr unke jaise Krishna ki acting koi kar page hai or na koi kar hi bade parade main or na hi chote parde main.or no Mahabharat bhi best ever Mahabharat that(star plus ki).na aisi Mahabharat ban paye hai or na hi ban paye he.Film main to bilkul hi nahi.sabse badi epic jab film main dekhti hu toh lagte hai ki Mahabharat ki trailer dekha.sorry trailer bhi thik thak lagti nahi.I love Siddharth Kumar tewary’s mahaMahabh.

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