And you thot sleeping less is a success sign

April 19, 2017

And you thot sleeping less is a success sign

You value your sleep so less. You might be able get better sleep pretty much anywhere anytime. But, you barely feel the need to do that.

I often find, well more often than not, that we wake up really tired

From birth, we spend a third of our lives asleep. That comes to 8 hours a day. However, as we grow up, this number no more remains consistent. In fact, there are some of the days when you don’t even complete the half of it. The inability to sleep slowly becomes a part of your daily routine and eventually, you wake up really tired everyday.

The lingering effects of this daily routine of sleeping less can get tormenting.  

You need to understand the purpose of why you need to strive to get that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, a habit that you were born with.

People brag about sleeping less

This happens a lot, doesn’t it? A colleague complaining about how less sleep he gets to get because of all the responsibility upon him (, which clearly doesn’t exist in real). A friend bragging like he has not slept in weeks because of how occupied s/he was due to a lavishly-paying job and the lifestyle that follows.

Welcome hypocrites Type-A. People who sleep badly pertain to be proud of the fact. Since they can’t loathe themselves, they tend to take pride in it.

Proving how tough or invincible you are just because you are sleeping less is no less than miserable. This would be similar to saying you had a whole case of beer by yourself and woke up without having a hangover. Or, you went biking on a hill and fell a good 30ft, got right up and did it again. YOU SHOULDA SEEN ME, MAN!


Real men sleep. They need sleep.

You can’t fight with the world if you don’t get enough sleep!

The world will put challenges in front of you at every step. From finding the right career to choosing the right shares to invest your money, you need a brain that is able to think straight.

And, if you think that a sleep-deprived mind will make you the genius that you assume to be, get yourself tested (like Sheldon’s mother had him).

To put up with the fight against the world and find the place that you rightfully deserve, you need to take the right decisions. That comes with proper sleep. Inability to sleep properly will only make you less productive thereby making your opponent, i.e., the world, stronger.

Improve your sleep cycle so that you can strive to get that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is the key to a healthy life. Quality sleep must be something that you should love to have every single night.

And like Arianna Huffington, author of the famous book “The Sleep Revolution”, describes it,

“The great ideas lies inside us.. All you need to do is shut your engines and discover the power of sleep.”


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