Top 5 Scenes in GOT S06E02 that You’d Love Watching Again

May 7, 2016
Game of thrones - S06E02

Game of thrones – S06E02

All buckled up for the 3rd episode that is due this Sunday? We all are! And, the wait is killing us.

For those of you who have already started dreaming about the things set to happen in the third episode, we have something that will divert your mind from the upcoming episode for a few moments.

We bring you the best scenes of the 2nd episode along with their remarkable dialogues that was aired last Sunday. At this point, we know two facts for sure.

  • Fact #1: You won’t get bored
  • Fact #2: You will try watching these scenes once again

Let’s begin then.

At the Night’s Watch:

Game of thrones - Ser Davos

At Meereen:

Game of Thrones - Tyrion

At the Red Keep, King’s Landing:

Game of thrones - S06E02

At Iron Island:

Game Of Thrones - S06E02

At Meereen again:



Game of Thrones - Tyrion

At the Night’s Watch:

Game of thrones - nights watch


At Meereen:

Game Of thrones - S06E02

If teasers are to be believed, we might very well get to see the youngest Stark in the third episode of this every-so-famous HBO series.

Game Of Thrones has gained a following like no other fantasy series in the world. The perfection with which it manages so many plots in any of the episode is one of the reasons behind the massive liking.

We’re pretty sure you are going to open your laptop now and watch these scenes once again. Well, go on. We’d do the same. After all, what is dead may never die 😉

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