Why Dental Digital Health Technology is Better to Other Specialties?

December 11, 2015


Digital health innovation is establishing a new course of action that facilitates a more effective communication between patients and practitioners. Implementing Health-IT functionality will not only increase coordination, it also improves quality treatment of the patient and access to care. Your oral health can be dealt easily if you are following the usage or right tools.

Dental digital health technology involves advanced tools that offer a better oral care than other health specialties. Using technology to track past and current history of patients along with real time information helps create a treatment that is more effective and evidence-based.

Some folks in my hometown wanted to know why I chose dentistry and not any other line of profession. I said, “I needed a perfect smile.” I knew how hard it was to pull off one when you had misplaced teeth or receding gums. However, now that I am a dentist, I could not only correct my smile, but eliminate the imperfection of others to give them a sparkling smile.

I always stress on the importance of patient awareness and engagement. The interaction between people proves to be a more worthwhile session where patients seem to understand more effectively about situations related to them and what could be done from their own end to shape a painless future. I have also assorted few tips and suggested the use of digital health products from my own end that would help them improve oral health.

Few digital health technology tools you can use for a better dental care:

Keeping track of dental history using EHR – Having an Electronic Health Record or EHR makes it easier for the practitioners to suggest the course of your future treatments. EHR basically contains a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medicines, allergy details, previous lab and test results, immunization dates, etc. Using EHR systems allow access to evidence-based treatments and can be inclusive of a broader view of patients’ care. Electronic Health Record can also help automate and streamline the process.

  1. Personal care and management using PHR – A Personal Health Record is an electronic application using which individual can maintain and manage their oral information in a private, secured, and confidential environment. PHRs are also built to share information with other health care tools – medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, laboratories, emergency facilities, workplace clinics – so that all data can be accumulated and the best treatment can be decided.
  1. Using Telehealth to communicate with your hygienist and dentist – Now you can utilize technology to remotely communicate with your dentist on a regular basis. An easy dental care is not sufficient if you are not visiting a dentist on a regular basis. Dental checkups every 6 months, whether or not you have problems promote good oral health. Receiving health care services through telecommunication keeps you posted on bleeding, gum disease, toothache, or removing stain and tartar from your teeth, and other conditions.
  1. Using cloud storage for real time medical reports access – You can save all your details securely on the cloud and access them at any point of time.
  1. Patient Portal – Patients are increasingly using this online patient portal to schedule appointments, updates on lab reports, request on medication refills, and have private communication with concerned practitioners.

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