Why Smartphones Need Full Protection in MENA Regions?

December 11, 2015

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e-Commerce growth is a boon for all kinds of industries and if anything has benefitted the most out of this, it will be the smarthphone industry. With so many brands in the race leveling out their unique models every now and then, their business is soaring ever increasingly via online selling.

There has been a growing increase of smarthphones in the whole world. And, why wouldn’t it be? They are far cheaper, portable, and equivalent in capabilities for jobs a PC could do. If talking about which part of the world has the highest penetration of smarthphones in the world, it would be the Middle East and North Africa. Reports submitted by thinktank Ipsos prove the MENA regions, particularly the GCC, are among the largest landscapes of smartphone users in the world, with UAE itself at 60 percent.

With the surging demand for smarpthones, users have been proactively downloading various mobile apps that enhance their experience. Applications are the prime reasons consumers spend more time with their phones. The demand is not just for personal use as various companies and enterprises are downloading mobile app offerings for meeting business purposes.

Increased levels of cyber warfare in MENA regions

Now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room! There has also been an increased level of cyber warfare in the MENA regions and thus, safety of personal online data is a concern. A recent and very prominent example, could be the hacking of Qatar Foundation’s social media accounts.

Gartner Inc., the American marketing research and advisory firm provide the information that companies are going to face the major risks. The inference of their research was that employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at a faster rate than corporate-owned devices.

Also, a recent survey from Gulf Business Machines expressed the grave danger MENA regions are in by releasing an intel that the region is the prime target for cyber criminals, a fact that is supported by nearly two-thirds of the region’s IT experts.

Individuals need to understand and manage their privacy

A cybercriminal hacking into your phone and stealing your valuable credentials? Easy. Someone hacking your security system and deactivating it through your PHONE to rob you mid day? Walk in the park!

Your mobile might have an antivirus but they might not be sufficient to block all the threats in the internet.

Sure, they are integral part of our life, but the lack of boundaries exhibited by social media accounts, nonetheless demonstrate the need to manage our digital identity more accurately. You need to add filters to the information and personal data you are sharing online. Access to technology is for everyone and they way you are using, it might not be similar to someone else.

Smartphones need protection

No matter what device you are running, it is highly required that you install a security product. Bitdefender could be the best choice here. It is the most updated, trusted, and an award-winning antivirus for mobile devices. This most advanced cybersecurity app provides an absolute protection to your smartphone against all kinds of internet threats and data snoopers. Also, you can find Bitdefender coupons on various sites to avail the security app in great deals and discounts. Trust only reputed sites as they provide the most updated coupons and offers to date.

Smartphones may be a convenient, on-the-go solution to all your purposes, but they are also hot in the eyes of hackers. Smartphones are about to become a bigger part of your life. Therefore, you need to choose and use them carefully. Use the right antivirus and stay protected.

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