2016 – The Year In Flashback

December 31, 2016

2016 - The Year In Flashback - AndYouThot

Love, hate, happiness, misery,

The cycle will never cease for sure.

So here’s looking at this year’s timeline,

As 2016 reaches its tenure.


Ebola traumatized the whole world,

And the most awaited Star Wars movie fared gross.

Professor Snape’s death left Harry Potter fans upset,

And to David Bowie, the world said ‘adios’.


Persistency paid off more than acting,

Bringing the Oscar finally to Leo.

Once again, India didn’t fare well,

At the Olympics, of Rio.


An updated iPhone came as usual,

And bhakts still stood in queue to get this “rare” gem.

Steve Jobs,can you please come back,

And create a new product category for them?


16 years of hunger strike finally came to an end,

Of Irom Sharmila, the Manipur activist.

ZIka was somehow controlled after a furious outbreak,

And Britain left the EU to form Brexit.


After URI terror attack,

Pakistan was replied with a surgical strike.

Although they never acknowledged the fact,

Everyone knows whose head is on whose spike.


Pokemon Go got launched,

And Obama administration finally came to an end.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali passed away,

When Trump got elected US president.


India stood on queue,

Because of the effects of Demonetization.

Incessant criticism came from Kejri, didi, and pappu,

But, Dhulagarh Riots were never discussed by any politician.


Cyrus mistry was sacked as chairman of Tata Sons,

And Ratan Tata is back to give it another fresh start.

Winter is still not here for Game Of Thrones,

And in cricket, virat kohli was a class apart.


Aleppo is the new face of Syrian atrocity,

And Amma’s demise left Tamilnadu devastated.

Princess Leia aka Carrie Fisher is no more,

And, Fidel Castro is dead.


Leaving all this behind,

Let’s work towards the new scene

A world of opportunities await you

In the year 2 0 1 7.

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